A recording of the indoor public class at St Mary's Church Hall Pinchbeck, Intermediate Yoga that was at 6-7pm.


You will recieve a confirmation email which will have the PDF file download of the YouTube link to access this video online. Only people who have access to this link can watch the video. You can also access this file in "my orders" on your account. 



Email: activateyogauk@gmail.com

Telephone & WhatsApp: 07826793126


Instagram: @activateyogauk


Please note: By doing this Yoga Class, you are doing so at your own risk. With it being a pre-recorded video, you cannot been seen by a qualified instructor to check if you're performing the movements safely. Therefore, you must listen to your own body and stop when there is any pain or discomfort. You must also consult your doctor before starting ANY form of exercise program, including Yoga. Everyone's body is different so bear this in mind when copying any instructor. Also make sure you are wearing comfy clothing that is loose-fitting or flexible, plenty of space so that there are no objects or trip hazards near by and bare feet or grippy socks. Ideal Yoga mats would be anti-slip ones and on a hard floor if you have access to it. Too much padding can affect balance and standing poses, but is better on the knees and sit bones. Avoid large meals within 90 minutes before a class if you can and try not to drink too much water during a class. Drink more before and after.

Intermediate Yoga Tue 25th May Pinchbeck 6pm