because yoga is cool


The Spalding High School is now funding Yoga Classes so that you can now attend them for FREE! This is for the year 12's which will be every fortnight when you have your free period/games on a Wednesday afternoon, 1.40-2.40pm either in the ABS room or main Hall.

Please contact your teacher if you are interested in attending. 


Just yourself and comfortable clothing that you can move easily in

I'm afraid you can't bring your hamster

If you have your own mat, please bring it. If not, the school has some mats to use

Bare feet is ideal for optimal grip - Please spray them with some air freshener first

Do not do yoga on a full stomach

Drink water 15-30 mins before

Make sure you aren't hungry so that your blood sugar levels are stable (have a banana)


FREE! In case you skipped the first part ;)


Builds and Enhances Physical Health


The distinct yoga poses help people in improving coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. Practicing yoga poses daily also helps teens to build a strong connection to body awareness and movement. Certain yoga poses also help in detoxifying the body and improve the immune system as well so your body has a better chance at fighting off diseases.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety 


High school can be really stressing sometimes, especially due to the exam pressure and personal challenges. Yoga aids in maintaining a calm nature, so that you don’t panic in stressful situations, but instead deal with them in a peaceful and thoughtful manner. 

Improves Sleep Quality 


Yoga not only reduces stress and increases flexibility, but also helps people who suffer from insomnia. This condition is common among teens nowadays due to the increase in stress levels. Some yoga poses performed before bedtime actually prepares your body for quality sleep.

Improves Concentration


Apart from all other amazing health benefits of yoga, the biggest one is that it shapes our internal brain functioning in the right way. The breathing exercises in various yoga poses aids in improving concentration to a great extent. According to a recent study, it is a proved fact that practicing yoga daily for 20 minutes enhances the functioning of the brain and helps people focus better on various tasks. 

Builds Emotional Strength


Nowadays teenagers have to go through a lot of challenges related to academics or other life situations. Yoga aids teens to have a better understanding of their emotions as it's crucial to deal with them in a peaceful way to avoid any serious damage to their mind and body. Emotional intelligence is a powerful thing that needs to be learned at an early age to combat teenage challenges. Besides connecting you with your emotions, yoga also develops self-love and self-acceptance.

Develops Discipline


Discipline is really important to achieve anything in life. It is found that practicing yoga daily increases patience, reduces impulsivity and improves the capability to maintain attention. All these things play a fundamental role in leading a disciplined life.

How it helped me when I was younger


As a teenager during my school years and whilst studying my A levels, I was a perfectionist and pushed myself to achieve unrealistic goals because of my lack of confidence and self-esteem. I gave myself the added pressure of being someone I wasn't so that I would fit in and please everyone. I also had eating disorders during my teenage years, along with depression, anxiety and Body Dysmorphia (whereby I didn't see myself the same way others did). 

I started to get into meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and spiritual healing when I was 19 where I reached my lowest point. Finding something that healed my mindset and made my body feel healthier and stronger improved my self belief and confidence. It was almost as though the wiring in my brain was being fixed, and the connections between my thought patterns made more logical sense. 

Yoga is an ancient practice which comes from India - it was originally designed by men for men, which is interesting because not many men in the western world associate yoga as "manly" - this is how society and social media can distort our views on something that is different to our own culture. The spiritual history of yoga is what adds that unique connection to the practice, because you feel as though you are doing something with more depth when you look at its history - somehow, the more you learn about this amazing practice, the more magical it seems. 

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