How do I use the website?
Watch the video below to learn how to use the online booking system, manage your bookings and use your free class coupon code.
Free Class Coupon
Apply for your free class coupon code by clicking on the button "First Free Class" - for new members only. Enter your name and email address, then press the "submit" button. You will receive a confirmation email and then receive a personalised coupon code via email within one working day.
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Booking a class & using a coupon code
Before booking a class, sign up to make your account. You can sign up using Facebook, Google or manually by clicking "sign up with email" - Click on "Log In"
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Click on "classes" (if you're on a mobile phone, click the three lines in the top right hand corner of the website) Find the class you would like to book and click on the button "Book Now"
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Choose the date and select the time (press the time of the class) - If you are using a coupon code, make sure you check the button next to "book a session - £8" which is circled below. You would also select this option if you are booking one single class.
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Enter your details including any medical information or injuries that could be affected by physical activity. You won't have to enter these details again after the first time as it should auto-save it. Just be sure to sign in first.

If you have a coupon code, click on "Enter a coupon code" and enter it in the text box. Then press the little button with the arrow (circled below) - this will take the money off your class. Then finally, press the "Pay Now" button. If you have used a code, you won't have to pay but you still need to press pay now. When you have booked, you will get a confirmation email straight away.
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Buying a pricing plan (4 class bundle)
To purchase a price plan (4 classes) click on "Price Plans" and press on "select" on the price plan you want to purchase. 
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Make sure you sign into your account - if this is your first time making an account, click "Sign Up" - if you have already made an account before, click "Log In" and log in the way you did before (email, Google or Facebook).

You can select which date you want your price plan to be valid from. They last 3 months and include all of the classes in that bundle (mix and match classes). You do not have to book the same class every week.
BUYING A PRICE PLAN DOES NOT BOOK A CLASS - You have to manually book your classes after purchasing a bundle for it to take it out of your 4 classes. 

Once you have signed up/logged in, it will ask for payment. You can pay using your PayPal or by manually putting in your card details. Online payments are secure as Wix Payments complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). See more information HERE
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Now you have purchased your 4 class bundle, you can now use it. Go back to classes, choose the class you'd like to book - please refer back to booking a class HERE

When you book a class, you will see your current active bundle, how many classes you have remaining and the date it is valid until. Click "Book It" (circled below) You will get a confirmation email once you have booked a class. 
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Managing your bookings & rescheduling
To view and manage your bookings, log into your account and click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen (on mobile phones, click the three lines on the top right hand corner)

Click on "My Bookings" (circled below)
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Click on the little arrow to the right of your booked class, this will bring up the options "Reschedule" and "Cancel" 

Click "reschedule" if you want to change that class to another date.

If you have purchased a price plan bundle, you can also press "Cancel" and that class will go straight back into your bundle for you to use again when you are ready. 
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Checking your price plan bundles
To look at current and previous price plan bundles, click on your name once you have logged in and press "Class Bundles" - (circled below)
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You can see your active bundles here; click the little arrow next to the bundle. You will be able to see the expiry date of that bundle, as well as how many classes you have remaining. 
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DON'T FORGET You can purchase pre-recorded classes online by clicking the button circled below on the "classes" page. These do not come out of your bundle - you pay individually for online classes at a much cheaper price and have unlimited access to that class online once it has been purchased. All you need is access to internet. You will receive a private YouTube link that is not visible in the search engine online. Only those with that link can view the video.
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Got a help request that isn't included on this page? Email Megan at Activate Yoga now if you require a tutorial or help with a feature on the website