Terms & conditions

For any inquires, please email activateyogauk@gmail.com


 For public classes:

All public classes have undergone a risk assessment and follow safety guidelines regarding Covid-19 and government rules. Megan is fully insured and a qualified Yoga Teacher who is registered with Yoga Alliance. Indoor classes have fire exits, clear space and no obstacles that cause trip hazard as well as a one way system. They also have toilets, access to drinking water, windows that can open for fresh air, first aid kits and are kept clean. They have their own car parks to which you park at your own risk - any damage done to your car whilst it's been in the car park for the halls must be taken up with the council and local police. The same goes for the car park at Ayscoughfee (for the outdoor classes). Fire exits will be pointed out should there be a fire in the building. All students will be asked to calmly but quickly exit out of the fire doors.

In outdoor spaces, the people responsible for the cleanliness of the area and safety, such as sharp objects, are the ground keepers. The people who manage that area have been informed of these classes and they have been told by the council to be sure the area is clear of any dangerous objects. If you injure yourself during an outdoor yoga class from something on the floor (sharp object, needle, glass etc) then inform your teacher immediately as there is a first aid kit on site. You must also go straight to the doctors to make sure you haven't picked up an infection or caused any serious harm (especially with used needles) - You must make your complaint to the people responsible for keeping the land safe. Any issues with this must be taken up with those responsible for that land and the council. 

Although Megan is a qualified Yoga Teacher, you must attend these classes at your own risk. Any medical and/or physical issues, injuries, illness or problems you have that may be affected by attending a yoga class, must be made clear to Megan before booking. You must also ask your doctor before trying anything new, or if you have any known medical or physical issues that may be worsened by practicing yoga. You will be asked this question with your first class and there is also an option to mention this when booking a class online. Failure to do so may put you and your body at risk. Variations will be given in class to cater for different levels, but even with these variations clearly explained, only you truly know your own body and it's limits. Megan will always prompt people to listen to their bodies and be mindful of their own limitations. She will also give advice about what to expect and what to feel for when doing certain Asanas, as well as warnings with certain poses and their potential risks. This is so that you know what to look out for and to be careful when attempting certain poses that may be new to your body, or slightly challenging. You must take responsibility with your own body and listen carefully to the instructions so that you can enjoy the class without making mistakes or having fear of injury. 

Megan has been trained by some of the top yoga teachers in India. This also includes anatomy as well as body alignment, muscles and how they work. With this knowledge, Megan is confident in understanding the basics of the human body and what it can do. Unfortunately, everybody's different so to cater a class to suit everyone's body type is impossible. This is why Megan's instructions are to be used as a guide alongside with your own understanding of your body and capabilities. 

Before a class

You are advised to bring your own yoga mat to reduce the risk/spread of Covid-19, even though extra care is taken to clean mats between uses. It is best to do yoga with bare feet for optimal grip and balance, however if you prefer to wear socks, then it will be beneficial to consider getting socks with grips on the bottom (yoga socks). It is best not to eat a large meal within 90 minutes of your class to avoid indigestion or reflux/ sickness. It is also advised to avoid drinking too much water right before a class as it can be uncomfortable to do certain stretches with a full bladder and might cause you to tense up more. A small number of blankets are available but it is preferred that to bring your own. Everything used does however, get washed between classes. Blankets are ideal for those with knee problems, or find a hard surface uncomfortable in certain positions and need some padding. For balancing, thin mats are the best, although this isn't always preferred by everyone. If you find working on the hard floor painful, then be sure to get yourself a thicker mat.

Arriving on time and leaving early

When people come to a Yoga class, they want the whole experience. It is a time to relax, meditate, focus, switch off, listen and move. If you turn up late to a class or leave early, you may disrupt the atmosphere in the room as the experience is what people pay for. It's more than just an exercise class, it's therapy and escapism. Therefore, it is vital that we respect the class and not turn up late, or distract people by leaving early as it can be off-putting. If you cannot make a class on time, then please don't attend. Equally, if you have to leave a class early before it is finished, then again, don't come to that class. Only book a class if you can attend that whole class (I respect that traffic can sometimes delay us so arriving just a minute or two late once in a while is fine) but please don't show up any later than 5-10 minutes into a lesson. 

Bullying or Disruptive Behaviour

Activate Yoga has a zero-tolerance to disruptive behaviour, insults, aggression or bullying of any sort in a class. Any unnecessary disruptions that affect the rest of the class will not be allowed. You will politely be asked to leave the class if you do not maintain a respectful behaviour towards others, including the teacher. If the teacher feels someone is a direct threat to others safety (in extremely rare cases), the police will be contacted straight away and the class will not continue. 
Not following the teachers instructions
Yoga is supposed to be a relaxing environment whereby we all find our own journey within the class. However, if someone is doing their own yoga sequence and not following the instructions at all, you may be asked at the end of the class confidentially, to refrain from doing this as it can be very distracting to the others students and confusing to some. It is also a risk to yourself if you are doing poses that are not being explained or instructed to you at that time, so you have a higher risk of injury / or doing it incorrectly. 

Refunds & Cancellations

Classes and price plan bundles are non-refundable. If you feel you are owed a refund, then please contact Activate directly to discuss your concern, but this does not guarantee you a refund. It is preferred that people try to cancel their class within one hour before it starts.

If you have paid for a class but didn't show or cancel it (either via email or on the website), you will not get your refund as classes have a strict number limit and your booking may have taken up a space for somebody who is on a waiting list for that class. Classes with one participant get cancelled one hour before they start and that person will be notified and rescheduled as there needs to be a minimum of two people to cover the hall hire costs.

For online classes:

For these classes, you will have to make a Zoom account either on the zoom app on your phone, or on your web browser (on a computer). This won't cost you anything to do and is super quick and easy. You will also need a yoga mat (for better balance, thin ones are recommended, but if you find a hard floor too painful to practice on, go for a thick one). Yoga blocks are great to use for props so it is advised to have some at hand. Be sure you aren't too cold before starting a class. Allow 90 minutes after eating a meal before attending a class. Don't drink too much fluid right before or during a class as it makes certain stretches uncomfortable when your bladder is full. 

Classes are non-refundable but are transferable, so you can reschedule them as you please by going to your "bookings" on your account. If any changes have been made to the timetable or classes (i.e. Holidays, Cancellations etc...) you will be notified by email. 

The price plan packages of 8 classes include the list of classes shown when you go to "Plans & Pricing". You can mix your classes up within that purchased package by going to "book online" and selecting which type of class you want to do. (PLEASE NOTE: You cannot mix 1 hour classes with 30 minute classes in the packages - these will have to be two separate price plan packages due to class length being different.)

If you don't want to buy a bundle, there is an option to pay and book for just a single class at a single price. You can also change this booking. 

If there are any faults or problems with the website's booking system, please contact activateyogauk@gmail.com so that the issue can be resolved and fixed. 

Although Megan Aitken is a qualified Yoga Teacher and is recognised with Yoga Alliance, you are responsible for your own health and safety during the classes. The reasons for this:

- The environment you are in hasn't had a risk assessment done by the instructor (Megan) due to it being an online class, not a public hall. Therefore, the space you practice in is your responsibility to ensure you have adequate space and no obstacles near by to ensure it is safe.
- You are expected to have comfortable clothing that allows for free movement and no restrictions. You must practise yoga in bare feet or grippy socks to avoid slipping and have your own yoga mat and/or support blocks. 
- You as a client, cannot be seen clearly online on a screen, especially for those who have their webcam off. This means it is very difficult for the instructor to see your body clearly to check you are doing the poses correctly. The instructor will describe and explain the classes as clearly as possible giving variations to cater for different levels. Any risks that could be involved, you will be told during the class so that the risks are clear. 
- All classes will be recorded and saved for evidence should any issues arise with a client about a particular class. Activate Yoga is also insured.
Health Conditions & Injuries
It is your responsibly to inform Activate of any injuries or physical/medical conditions that could impact you during class. Fail to do so may result in a higher risk of you injuring or worsening the condition. You will be advised by the instructor about what is best for you. Please note: In some rare cases, a medical condition or injury may be too severe for the client to take part in a class. If we feel the classes may worsen your condition or cause a risk of injury, you will be advised this and warned about the risks. If you are unsure, contact your doctor first.

If children are taking part as well

It is your responsibility as the parent/carer/guardian to monitor the child and make sure they are practising with safety measures in place - i.e. no objects near by or trip hazards; adequate space around; a good yoga mat that is grippy and no socks on for even better grip and stability. If they are doing any poses incorrectly to how I am showing them, you must help your child and guide them accordingly following closely to my instructions. Some poses when done incorrectly can cause injury (such doing sudden sharp movements when you're instructed to go slowly etc...) If your child has a medical condition such as asthma, you must make sure they have their inhaler or anything that aids them with their condition near by. If they have an injury, ask your doctor for advice first before allowing them to take part in a yoga class and inform us beforehand.

Abuse & Inappropriate Behaviour 

Activate is extremely strict about abusive behaviour or unnecessary disruptions during class. To protect clients taking part in a class, if we feel that you are disruptive in any way, abusive or doing anything inappropriate on webcam, you will be taken off the zoom call and blocked from further classes and you will not get your money back or have the option to reschedule. Repeated offenses or ongoing harassment will possibly lead to further legal action.
Please respect others during a zoom call by staying muted during a class and only un-muting if absolutely necessary to tell the instructor something important or a problem that affects you doing the class (i.e. instructors screen or sound goes off). You are free to have your webcam off if you do not want to be seen by others.